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Do men find me intimidating quiz

Looks like you don’t want to be a part of the socializing at all.It’s a little tough for a man to approach you when he can tell your mouth will be full for the next hour and a half.That looks like you’re there to drink some depression away, and no guy wants to approach a depressed woman.

This could be resolved if the guy could actually talk about what he’s feeling but most guys suck at that.

Here’s a perfect example: as Queenie mentioned we are one in the same.

I’m very confident, incredibly outgoing and I pride myself on my appearance and my wit.

However, what most people don’t know about me is I have a real shitty self-image. I’m in great shape but I never feel like it is enough.

If one of us is fortunate enough to meet a confident girl it takes an equally confident guy to make it work in the long run.

The same thing that draws us to someone at a bar is what can ruin a man who is secretly insecure.

I make my roommates kill spiders, I cried like an asshole while watching , I can’t watch scary movies or even the trailers on TV, and when it comes to car repairs/maintenance I am completely and totally helpless- I thought the tire pressure light was a Pac-Man ghost, whoever designed that was drunk.

Those qualities don’t seem to fit the profile of a girl who’s intimidating.

And if you’re the only person eating in a bar where people are just drinking, then it looks like you’re just there to eat and get out.

Men try to dance with you, in just a friendly manner, and you push them away.

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