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They are, however, required to be altered (spayed or neutered), vaccinated against rabies, microchipped, and licensed with the city.

We do not accept applications for adoption on animals currently in this holding period. This will include the alteration (spay or neuter); a microchip; and, depending on age, jurisdiction, or situation, the vaccinations or medications we may have given it while the animal was in our possession.

Once you find a pet that fits into your home, you will need to fill out an application.

Once everything is submitted and your application is approved, you will pay the fee, read and sign the adoption contract, and fill out the microchip papers.

This process should take approximately thirty (30) minutes.

If you are zoned A-1 for agriculture, you are allowed to raise goats. You can view our available animals right here on our web page by clicking the appropriate link found on the right side of the page.

If you are zoned any other residential zone, you are not allowed goats on your property unless you have an approved Conditional Use Permit to have livestock on your property. Additionally, there are three other different websites where you can view our animals:,, and If your pets are not altered, your City Pet Licenses are a year per pet, so, equally, 0 for three years (if vaccinations allow).City Pet Licenses run concurrent with your rabies vaccinations dates.To become a member of the Adult Wellness Center, you simply need to be 50 years old or older and complete the membership application and pay for the membership fee at the front desk. The Adult Wellness Center offers a wide variety of events, classes, and activities.Many of these are free and some are offered for a fee.Your licenses expire when the rabies vaccination expires, unless, your animal is unaltered and you only pay for one year at a time. All dogs must be confined or in the owner’s physical control at all times.Physical control means a leash or a training collar and the like. Outdoor cats, as long as they are not being a nuisance, are not required to be kept confined.After you get the rabies vaccination, you provide the certificate(s) to us and we register the pet(s) using this information.If your pets are altered (spayed or neutered), your City Pet Licenses are free to you.Afterwards, we will schedule the alteration appointment and transport your pet to the veterinarian of your choice.You will then be able to officially pick the pet up from the Vet and take it home after surgery.

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