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If Magnet’s communication-by-vibration sounds familiar, it may be because it’s one of the features built into the Apple Watch.

In fact, “Digital Touch” was among the few Watch party tricks that Tim Cook chose to showcase at the September unveiling of the device.

Tanto la apertura de cuenta como el acceso pueden realizarse con cuentas de google y facebook.

Their bezel show a compass rose, that can track the North (Northern hemisphere) or South (Southern hemisphere) thanks to the position of the hour's hand related to the Sun. Inside the bracelet, it should be possible to read a group of four digits (for instance, 1701) showing its date of manufacture.

Indeed, the last two digits represent the year of production of the bracelet (here, 01 as in 2001), and the first two represent the number of the week (here, the 17 Steps 1, 2, 3.

List’s partner started out as a beta tester for Magnet.

When List traveled to India for a visit, they kept in touch via Magnet, and the devices helped them bond.

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