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went deep on plotlines about gay bashing, the AIDS crisis, drug addiction, and—naturally—same-sex marriage long before other TV dramas would tread those waters. The series opens with teenage Justin Taylor (Randy Harrison, though if you watch the British version this character's analog is played by future star Charlie Hunnam) is taking his first step into the gay club life of Pittsburgh. They hook up and that same night Brian's lesbian friends Lindsay (Thea Gill) and Melanie (Michelle Clunie) give birth to Brian's biological son. After that there was love, death, amyl nitrate, and even comic book heroes.

) There he meets Brian Kinney (Gale Harold, though if you watch the British version his analog is played by future star Aidan Gillen).

(Shortly after this, Justin will meet a violinist and start the most boring affair of this show.)Season 3: Episode 5, "There's Nothing Noble About Being Poor" The police chief who didn't really bother investigating the death of the boy Debbie found runs for mayor.

Brian, the love child of Ayn Rand and James Dean, helps run his campaign anyway.

Michael and Ben, now living together and taking care of a homeless gay hustler named Hunter (Harris Allan), tell Hunter he has HIV.

Season 3: Episode 12, "Drugs, Sex and Lies" Brian, the Sherlock Holmes of Liberty Avenue, investigates the death of "Dumpster Boy" himself to get revenge on his former employer.

Season 3: Episode 14, "The Election" It looks like the homophobic Stockwell is going to win the mayoral election.

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Brian, the Robin Hood of well-heeled homosexuals, pretty much clears out his bank account buying ad time to expose him.

(Yeah, good luck with that.) It all comes to a head when Ted gives him one of the best speeches of the entire show: "… And that goes for every person, every planet, every mountain, every grain of sand, every song, every tear... What happens after that is too important to be spoiled, but suffice to say it's the most emotionally-wrecking thing that ever happens on this show (and a lot of emotionally-wrecking crap happens on this show).

Season 2: Episode 6, "Mixed Blessings" Michael, now fulfilling his life's dream of owning a comic book store, gets a crush on a customer named Ben (Robert Gant).

Here's how to binge-watch the show that changed how TV considered LGBT stories.

Grab a cocktail and your most reflective shirt—it's time to watch all of .

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