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Scroll down and check out her athletic body, short and/or medium black hairstyles & haircuts.

But that's really the only time it truly benefits us. In terms of guys, I like whatever guy treats me right.

If you're just walking into a casting as a dark skinned girl, then you really have to "wow" the people in the casting because there's so many light skinned pretty girls to choose from. I had a guy tell me a couple weeks ago that he's never dated a dark skinned girl.

People who are not in the industry tend to get jealous. I like dating a guy who has an everyday life and has a 9-5 job because I feel like they appreciate me more. I just like consistency, don't do something just to get me and then once you got me everything switches up.

I feel like with the guys in the industry, I never get a chance to connect with them whether it's because they are traveling or on the road. Baller So for all those guys out there wondering ... Bria: I mean if you call me all the time in the beginning, don't do that just to get me. Baller By the looks you're a very curvy woman ... Bria: Well actually I get complemented a lot on my eyes. If you want to alter your body to look beautiful, that's your issue ...

Luckily enough and Bria were able to manage the east to west coast time difference and sit down to discuss her thoughts on dating in the industry, her issues with ass injections and why she is single but ready for a boyfriend ... Baller So what's going on with Bria Myles? I was shocked because it's a really commercial project. Baller How have your experiences been working on videos? It's tough because when you work with a lot of women, it's either they're really nice or they're really catty.

Bria: Well I just did a videogame called "Don King Presents: Prizefighter." They made a virtual me, and they named her Bria Myles, so that's been my number one priority. Bria: Everyone has been pretty cool and pretty professional. They may not like you because you're pretty or because you're their competition.

I also just did a video for Yung Berg that recently premiered on BET. Baller How did this video game come about? Working with men can be somewhat unprofessional too because men are so driven by how beautiful a women is or how big her ass is. I have had that happen on occasions, but for the most part the industry has been pretty good to me.

I also did a Foxhole radio interview on Sirius radio with Jamie Foxx, and I also did the Wendy Williams show as well. Baller Now-a-days a dark skinned model is harder to come by, so how has being of a darker complexion affected you?

I mean whatever you want to do you should do, but the industry now-a-days is fraudulent. I mean I have some guy friends that I'll talk to, but I don't have any guys who I am seriously dating, or digging like as in a relationship sense. Baller What kind of men do you look for? Baller Showing the people in jail some love ... Bria: Yeah I want to do something for my people in my jail. It will also be more cost efficient and wont cost as much as most calendars. Baller Well I'm from Boston and we all know how that story ended.

They don't appreciate women who are naturally born like this or are built like this. Baller Do you find it hard doing the modeling thing and dating? Bria: I don't look for men, I just of go with the flow. Baller So what's the most interesting or unique way a guy has tried to pick you up? Guys have tried to pick me up in so many ways and none of them really stood out. Baller Is there something that people may not know about you?

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