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Sandoval aspires to learn all styles and genres of dance and to be known as a dancer, rather than just a breaker.

On the dance show "So You Think You Can Dance," he was known for having a crush on host Cat Deeley, his humor and seemingly constantly dropping his partner, Sabra Johnson in Hairspray group routine, where she was accidentally dropped on her head.

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Yet with determination to transcend all odds Dominic later went on to win the dance reality show ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and became a judge on ABDC.Unfortunately, the documents were mixed up and he became Conrad Pete Dominic Sandoval.He legally changed it when he was 16, as he explains his You Tube video called "10 Things You Never Knew About Me."He began breakdancing at age 13 and has performed at NBA and WNBA games, as well as won the 2005 "Evolution 2" competition held in Orlando, Florida with his breaking crew, Flexible Flav.Sandoval was born in Roseville, California to Filipino American parents.When he was two, he was adopted by his step-father Conrad Pete Sandoval.Which means I won’t make my 70% code reduction Microsoft has always promised me.You'll be able to ask questions about coding or chat with the community and help others.I'm not sure if I know what you mean about 2 way binding.If you meanam I using Bind instead of Eval in my HTML, then yes.He even launched his own online dance competition called ‘Dance Showdown’.Dominic’s preferred dance genre is break-dancing but he is keen on learning new dance forms and is a vital member of the ‘Quest Crew’.

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