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But since we are due to have a review and as members we get a vote at the AGM on whether to pay approx £30,000 in honoraria payments this year I thought i would share my thoughts on the subject.

Honoraria defined in Oxford English dictionary as “a payment given for professional services that are rendered nominally without charge” is allowed within Unison rules for elected officers.

We love exploring the UK, and hope that whether you're a Brit or a tourist, you'll take every chance to discover British history and landscape for yourself, and enjoy the wonderful heritage that awaits in every corner of this wonderful country. Most of our family travelling is done via stays in self catering cottages, where we can unwind and tour one area in-depth for a week or even 2 at a time.English Architecture Illustrated Dictionary of Church History and Architecture Please give us the opportunity to welcome you to the Harrow Inn.True to its Kentish heritage our 17th Century Inn nestles in tranquil countryside by the medieval market town of Lenham.Since this year it will equate to approx 14% of our income then we will have to review and stop or reduce our payments.Perhaps we should have done this sooner, but we now have to do this.those on release, attending national conferences, representing members or attending meetings) – if they can get expenses, for food, travel, accomodation if needed, out of pocket expenses and £20 daily and £40 if over 8 hours or overnight. What if you have to do work or attend some meeting in your own time: – shouldnt some use of your own time we expected you have stood for election after all, you must be committed? – do you only get the honoraria if you do a set number of hours, or you supply evidence of how much work you have done 4.What happens if you are elected and serve the term and do nothing but attend meetings in work time (or worse if you dont even attend branch meetings at all) do you still get the honoraria.In my role as elected Convenor for Children’s Services I have turned down my honorarium payment for the last 2 years and if I get elected as treasurer I will turn down the £3256.90 payment.If I were to stand for another position in future like branch secretary I would refuse the £6603.79 payment. To get a balanced argument you might want to ask one of the other officers.Many branches do not use it or use expenses instead.Our branch gives these payments BUT ALSO pays expenses for travel, food and subsistance, or other out of pocket expenses (and if you are a delegate or representatives of the branch you get £20 per day and £40 if your day is over 8 hours) 1.

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