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Diablo 3 an unexpected error occurred while updating required files

Hey guys , I installed Open beta Diablo 3 today and when i launch it it says initializing in start and then after sometime pops a message " An unexpected Error occurred while updating required files . so i tried closeing the launcher and opening in it again, now it just says : Updating blizzard launcher (0%) Anyone else have this problem?or any idea how to fix it (i belive this patch have the patch number 17) Try with peer to peer disabled.

diablo 3 an unexpected error occurred while updating required files-8

We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask that you please let friends and acquaintances know so they can begin downloading the working installer that's now available. Obtain the new Diablo III digital downloader using the links below 2.

I would love to know why these programs are crapping out on me or if my computer is total garbage. Each group or usernames give full control in all options (the EDIT and Advanced buttons too). Please anyone face this problem knows how to fix this ?

With this i was able to launch the launcher and start patching, logged in and played abit. Please post this on D3 tech support forums cus i cant. Thanks So basicly when i tried logging into the diablo beta this morning, the launcher said there was an update, after about 30 min it was still at 0%.

Though the downloader may show 100%, please allow some time for it to fully complete.

You may be able to fix this by running the downloader and pointing it to the same saved location so that it may scan and download any missing files. We became aware of an issue affecting the previously available German and EU English versions of the digital install downloader for Diablo III, which would not download all the necessary files.

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