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Demi lovato is dating sterling knight

Jayden says the industry is filled with hookers trying to legitimize themselves by doing it on camera. Now thank you to the person who sent this in to me, ** Last time I checked Jayden was available… I saw her on MTV on Saturday on a show called “I am a sex addict”..

But she thinks very highly of herself and looks down on the real stars in this industry because she will never achieve the level of fame what they have or make as much money as they have.

Why is sex with a stranger on camera for money any different than sex with a stranger behind closed doors for money?

I’ve never heard a single good thing about this girl.

She goes on and on about how everyone is out to get her and she’s never at fault for anything. If you’re that oblivious to the fact that you’re a psychotic bitch, you need some serious therapy and step the hell off that pedestal you’ve put yourself on.

She knows the game and she knows what is true and what is not. To think that fucking a stranger in front of a camera is self-expression or art, or that it’s any better than escorting, is delusional.

She just feels compelled to give good material to insure she gets face and print time at whomever’s expense. If Jayden’s point was that she doesn’t hit the bars every night to pick up a stranger for a one-night stand, then she has a valid point.

She shouldn’t be jealous and hate them for being able to command more money than she can. and the going rate for porn girls is “a couple of hunderd bucks” She is at ground zero. ** Nonetheless, Jayden’s got a big mouth on her, I chalk it up to immaturity and dellusions of grandeur because she’s fucked a few celebrities and she loves attention and drama.

She says what she does is a job and she shows up, turns into a nympho for the camera, and then goes home. They show up to their job, turn into a nympho, and then go home. She’ll be back in the business once she cools down and cash flow runs low. ** She will be turning tricks Once she stops getting calls or when her expenses get too high..

While we all know that unprotected intercourse does occur, when it does the great majority of PSEs insist on seeing valid and current tests, just like they do in the industry.

The fact is that the great majority of the general population leads a much lower risk lifestyle than the male talent in the porn.

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