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But also its a bit impractical to practice drums where Im living at the moment. At the beginning of the last tour it was really bad because we did a lot of double shows. I know a few other guys who get a lot trouble like that. The only way to get over it is to practice like hell two weeks before you come over to do a tour. Despite the toll on his dukes, the man from Queen professes to enjoy the touring experience - especially last springs, a 13-week affair which began in Columbus, Ohio and ended in Japan. In most of the major American cities their first show sold out so quickly a second had to be added; there were riots in Chicago and at the airport when they landed in Japan. I think it was the best tour weve ever done, too, in terms of organisation, reaction, etc. Wed been told to expect less in the South and on the West Coast than, say in the Northeast and some of the Midwest. But there were really only about two dates I can remember when the audience wasnt packed in.Im trying to move, you know, find some place bigger to live. Taylor lives by himself in a ground-floor flat in suburban Richmond, on the western edge of London. We had a bit of trouble halfway through the tour, when Freddie lost his voice completely because hed developed some nodes on his throat.drummers never get any attention until something goes wrong.

There were originally hopes of an Australian tour as well, but that had to be scrapped when the band suddenly realised they had a job to do back home So they winged it back to Albion and closeted themselves away to write their fourth album.

Everybody goes off to their separate homes to get their stuff together, Taylor says, and then we all sort of get together somewhere else for about two weeks and pool all of the material we have - play around with it, pull it to pieces, throw some out, change bits, and get a sort of rough idea, as good an idea as we can, of what shape the albums going to take. Since he only reads music a little, Taylor works on tape with his - you guessed it - guitar, and then adds bass and drums. I get something written and then I listen to it the next day and I throw it away out of hand.

His background was respectable and ordinary - the boring middle class, he calls it - but hes been captivated by rock n roll ever since the age of eight. And eventually it got the better of everything else.

It got the better of my conditioning, my middle-class conditioning, and then it broke out and that was it. My father just bought me a drum, and I took to it and started adding to it and found I could get along well.

And ever since he was nine years old hes been a struggling guitarist. When I was in school I was always in little groups and stuff.

He was born in Norfolk, on the east coast of England, and he spent his teens in Cornwall, the summer resort area in the southwest. I sort of stuck with it all the way through college.He started playing acoustic guitar at nine, and then when he was 12 he decided to take up drums and electric guitar. I found myself getting better quite quickly, so that sort of spurred me on.It was at that point that I became a drummer rather than a guitarist - we went through about five or six until we found John, who was the only one who really fit in.We did a lot of double shows in the period of the tour, and that involves playing four hours a night.When they got to Japan, after an eight-day layover in a secluded beach hotel on the Hawaiian isle of Kauai, they found themselves at the top of both the singles and the albums charts. It was the first time theyd played the Land of the Rising Sun - it costs a fortune to get all the equipment over there, Taylor moans - and the nations transistorised teens nearly short-circuited with delight. Thumping away in the background, surrounded by a veritable ribcage of equipment, the drummer is the one who pumps fresh blood into the groups sound with every beat. After all, the drummer is the heart of any rock group; its his steady beat that keeps the rest of the band alive.When hes not touring with the group, thats the instrument he most often plays. One of the consequences of his inability to practice in his home has been his perennial victimisation by the traditional drummers malady - blisters. Its pretty high energy, and yeah, its pretty hard on the hands. audience and the San Francisco audiences, which were great. I think the South was the only place where we played to a few non capacity audiences.I used to rehearse all the time, he says, but weve been working so much on the road lately that Im a bit sick of the sight of drums. Hes been plagued by the sores on both of Queens American tours, and the sight of his bloody nubs has been shocking enough to send roadies scurrying feverishly about in search of bandages and healing ointments. At the beginning of a tour, especially if we havent been playing for awhile, your hands tend to soften up. After two or three weeks they harden up pretty well. The audiences we got were great, but they werent as big as wed hoped.Before every concert the skins of his heavily-The thing about Taylor, though, is that hes really a guitarist at heart.He has the guitarists love of flash and power and the guitarists sense of stage presence.

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    Oct 7, 2017. Rufus Tiger Taylor is a musician from London famous as the drummer for "The Darkness". Taylor was born in 1991 in London to father Roger Taylor, an English musician, singer and songwriter, and mother, Debbie Leng. He has four siblings two younger sisters, models Tigerlily Taylor and Lola Daisy Taylor.…


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    Jun 23, 2017. Tigerlily's famous genes could be seen in her strong eyebrows and strong jaw – the very spit of her rocker dad, who welcomed his daughter with ex-partner Debbie Leng in 1994. She changed into a bra and mesh top combo shortly afterwards, which again bared more of her body than was strictly necessary.…

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    Date of birth July 26, 1949. Full name Roger. Children He has five children, two with Dominique Beyrand Felix Luther * 22nd May 1980 and Rory Eleanor * 29th May 1986 and three with Deborah Leng Rufus Tiger * 8th March 1991, Tiger Lily * 10th October 1994 and Lola Daisy May * 9th April 2000. Important.…