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Producing, writing and directing for Mark Burnett’s (Debonne spent years producing, directing and writing documentaries for A&E, Discovery and the History Channel.

Program featuring real people who look like celebrities compete to reach instant faux stardom. Executive producing for both VH1 and MTV for a half-decade, he developed and produced over 200 hours of music-related shows including the last music-based program produced for the network, , which featured weekly song writing and live performance competitions, also directed by Debonne.When Debonne isn’t producing television or spending time with his wife and children, he’s either mountain biking or welding. Two wanna-be musicians compete for a date with a celebrity by composing a song in one day, then performing their tune in front of a live audience.A live studio audience votes on their favorite look alike based on in-studio performances and field segments where the contestants try and fool the public into thinking they are the real celebrities. (PAX TV) – Series pilot, 1 hour episode Modern Marvels – “Bombs! ” (History Channel) – 1 hour episode Modern Marvels – “Helicopters” (History Channel) – 1-hour episode Titanic – “Breaking New Ground” (Fox) 1-hour special Biography – “Stanley & Livingston” (A&E) – 1-hour episode Modern Marvels – “Transatlantic Cable” (History Channel) – 1-hour episode Incredible Frontiers – “Crash Test” (TLC) – 1-hour episode Eco-Challenge (Discovery) – 5-hour mini series The Story of the Gun (A&E) – 2 hour special Biography – “Pretty Boy Floyd” (A&E) – 1-hour episode Ancient Prophecies (NBC) – 2 hour special Civil War Journal – “Daniel Edgar Sickles” (A&E) – 1-hour episode The Real West – “Crazy Horse” (A&E) – 1-hour episode The Real West – “Indian Weapons & The Warrior Society” (A&E) – 1-hour episode The Real West – “Headline Hunters of the Old West” (A&E) – 1-hour episode Weapons At War – “Famous Small Arms” (A&E) – 1-hour episode Candid Camera (Syndication) – 22 1-hour episodes LIVE DIRECTOR Genesis Showtime Specials – 2 hour special Genesis World Tour ’92 – 52 concerts Arnold Schwarzenegger Men’s Pro World (ESPN) – 2-hour specials Mr. Universe Bodybuilding Championships (ESPN) – 2-hour specials NFL Trivia Games (ESPN) – 1 hour special Muscle Magazine (ESPN) – 26 1-hour episodes KCOP-TV (UPN) – Nightly newscasts Los Angeles Marathon (USA/ESPN) Riklis Broadcasting, Television Group: KADY-TV, KBBL-TV, and KKKK-TV – Nightly newscasts Venture Marketing – 100 1/2 hour programs KMIR-TV (NBC) – Nightly newscasts EDITOR Terrors of the Deep (CBS) – 2 hour special Titanic (A&E) – 4 hour special Angels, Our Mysterious Messengers (CBS) – 2 hour special Ancient Prophecies (NBC) – 4 hour special The Real West (A&E) – 65 episodes Civil War Journal (A&E) – 65 episodes Sunday Best (NBC) – 10 episodes ABC Promo – Over 1,000 spots Personalities (Fox) It’s Garry Shandling’s Show – 26 episodes Joker’s Wild – 13 episodes Marsha Warfield Show – 13 episodes Hard Copy – 10 episodes Trial Watch (NBC) 2 episodes Disney – Numerous projects Touchstone Films – Numerous projects NBC – Numerous projects Muscle Magazine (ESPN) 65 episodes G. Imagine game night without the need for discard bowls to collect stripped drumettes and flats, picture a salad piled high with nuggets of sweet-hot sauced chicken (because you just can't with boring salads anymore) that are easily pierced with a fork. Now make it a reality with this handy guide to how to make boneless wings: Get this recipe: Boneless Buffalo Chicken "Wings"" data-reactid="35"RECORD SCRATCH. Aren't we talking about boneless chicken wings here? could debone a bunch of chicken wings if you're very into driving yourself insane, but using breast meat is faster, easier, and in the end, likely more delicious. Transfer chicken in batches, letting excess buttermilk drip away, and toss in flour mixture to coat, and then transfer chicken to a rimmed baking sheet." data-reactid="42"While traditional Buffalo wings don't have a flour coating, giving the boneless version a dredge makes them more sturdy—plus it lends a satisfying crunch that mimics fried chicken skin. Work in batches so the frying temperature stays consistent and you can move the pieces around (using a slotted spoon or a spider) so that they cook quickly and evenly.Cut up 2 pounds of chicken breasts to make 6 to 8 appetizer servings." data-reactid="38"So, first secret: boneless chicken wings are actually—usually—made from boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are cut crosswise into wing-like shapes, about 1-inch-by 2-inch. Cook until coating is golden and the center of a boneless wing reads 165°F on an instant-read thermometer, 4 to 6 minutes per batch.He is also partnered with Emmy Award winning producer, Steven Lewis, focusing on the development and production of alternative programming.Debonne began his television career as a live director, starting with newscasts including KCOP-TV , before evolving into televised music concerts and variety shows, winning the coveted Golden Mike Award for best documentary news special.Tenderize chicken with buttermilk" data-reactid="39"Like any good fried chicken recipe, this one starts with a nice buttermilk bath. Dredge the chicken in a seasoned flour mixture" data-reactid="41"3. Gently turn the chicken pieces with tongs until they're coated and glossy.Dredge the chicken in a seasoned flour mixturetraditional Buffalo wings don't have a flour coating, giving the boneless version a dredge makes them more sturdy—plus it lends a satisfying crunch that mimics fried chicken skin. Then serve right away with that delicious blue cheese sauce and some crisp celery sticks and bask in the knowledge that everything on that plate is getting eaten, no bones about it.

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