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Dealing with my ex wife dating

What matters is how you respond to this unexpected development.

The man of my childhood dreams came without the baggage of a first wife and a child.

my new husband wasn't what I imagined while growing up.

When she made rude statements about my marriage, I finally let her know her comments were inappropriate.

She responded by telling me she'd be praying about my attitude problems.

One of the best ways to help your children navigate this mess is to have a loving adult make room for all of their difficult emotions and thoughts.

As you listen to them, you’ll know better what they need from you.

If you’re having a strong personal reaction to her choices and simultaneously trying to suppress these emotions, the fallout will most likely spill over on your children.

There is nothing wrong with having a strong personal reaction to her moving on with another guy.

You can listen to them about what’s on their minds.

You don’t need to and certainly shouldn’t open up to them about how you feel about their mom and her choices.

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