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“That was one big crash for me,” he told us, “but I didn’t burn.Instead, I launched a new agency.” Love is a fast-growing dating and matchmaking site designed by Slava.The Short Version: Since 2008, Love has given millions of singles worldwide the opportunity to fall for someone special online.

You can join for free by inputting your location, date of birth, user name, and email address.

Then you can search for potential matches by a variety of key facets, including appearance, marital status, and religion.

Online daters could lose their money dealing with fakes, and dating companies could lose their good reputation.

Slava said he takes this problem seriously and works hard to keep Love Awake a safe and honest place to search for love.

“Defending our users against fraud is a battle that will never stop,” Slava said, “and we are very grateful when they pitch in by reporting suspicious users.” Love Awake’s Pinterest page helps raise people’s awareness by sharing online dating statistics and giving safety tips.

Every day, the team uploads examples of fake profile pictures used by scammers on the web.

The site’s team receives an average of 50 reports a day.

They review each report individually and will remove a profile from the website if it is suspicious or offensive.

“At that time, I was a novice businessman,” he explained, “and totally inexperienced in legal and contractual matters.

As a result, I signed a poorly drafted partnership agreement that, to my complete shock, allowed my American partner to sell the agency in 2008.” Not only did Slava have no say in the sale, he didn’t receive a single cent to compensate him for the years of blood, sweat, and tears he put into the business.

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