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His or her hand in our own, with nothing to catch us both but love. But when he or she doesn’t jump and we’re left to come down from the high alone, our initial reaction is to blame that person.

Each time we jump as he or she walks away, we begin to feel stupid and wonder why we continuously fall for this stunt.

Mental clarity hits us just a little too late the next morning when we wake up to their warm, smooth skin pressed up against our own.

There comes to a point when there is no longer any blame left to pin on anyone but ourselves.

We should never compromise our happiness on anyone’s account -- especially after that same person has led us to the brink of hysteria multiple times in the past.

It’s okay to miss that person and to wish things could have transpired differently.

We blame our friends who left us alone at the bar just long enough for him or her to strike for number three. Let’s blame that one on the sh*t week that left us feeling run down before he or she swooped in to pick us back up for that short time span.

Oh yeah, and the fifth time that person fooled us, well, that’s easy; we can blame that one on the alcohol, naturally.

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