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Enewold; Best of Springfield: The Genhart Turret of page *Volume Two, Number One; January/February 1980 The Original Nickel-Plated Cavalry Revolver — The S&W Model 3; Christopher Roby and the Chelmsford Sword; No Visible Means of Support: A Weapons Display Technique; Historian in Wood: The Grube Sculptures; Colt’s New Service Revolver: A Study of Fine Factory-Engraved Examples; The Other Sam Colt: Samuel Pomeroy Colt; Basic Army Marksmanship Badges; Best of Springfield: J.

II (Krag Carbines); They Boughtit with Plastic - “Gutta Percha” Pistol Cases; Man at Arms Visits Musee Library.

Volume Eleven, Number Five; September/October 1989 J.

For the advanced collector of the several interesting varieties of this great little cartridge!

Picturing Marlin's "Standard Revolver" this little beauty of a very early UMC box, even while msg the back edge of the lid (see pix), retains 80 % of the side seal label and is full of original ctdgs.

Circa 1863-65, these rare New Haven labelings are the "true" Henry boxes.

Ctdgs appear to have never left the box, unusual in these 100-rd boxes.orders — For 1 issue, add .00; For 2–8 issues add .95; For 9–20 issues add .95.Please be sure to include the Volume, Number and Date with each inquiry or order.Use the links below and please have your model and serial number handy so you can provide it on the corresponding pages in order to find out when your gun was made.Visit Colt 1911 Website Colt is known for creating some of the highest quality firearms including the 1911 pistol supported by numerous other awesome standard and tactical pieces of equipment, from rifles to shotguns.Home Book Review Book Information Testimonials 20 Rd Bxs - Rifle Cal 50 Rd Bxs - Pistol Cal Early & Transitional Foreign, Metric & Military Obsolete Ammo .22 Rimfire Bargain Bin Other Rimfire Shot Shells Liars, Cheats and Deadbeats Ordering Info Links The 1st and ONLY definitive work on cartridge boxes, covering all the calibers for which Winchester cataloged their rifles, from the Volcanic to the Model 88.Hall & Hubbard, a direct descendant of Smith & Wesson, evolved through the partnership of Smith, Hall & Farmer followed by that of Smith, Hall & Buckland, becoming Hall & Hubbard in 1869.Side label on this 50-rd loose-pack box is only about 1/3, but top label not only is all there but nearly perfect!Just kidding, of course, but little is actually known about this company.Original format, .95 top of page *Volume Nine, Number One; January/February 1987 Collector’s Guide to the M1 Carbine; Hawken vs.of American Sword Collectors: Scottish Victorian Regimental Sword; Dutch Luger; Ketland & Co.

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