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Dating your pregnancy

Alternatively, the character might just be written to put on a lot of weight, due to a sudden "eating binge" or whatever (see "Frasier" below).

Nor should it be confused with a character hiding her pregnancy in-story, which is My Secret Pregnancy.

This is more of a problem with TV Shows as opposed to films, where there might be an option to either shoot some or all scenes earlier when she is not showing as obviously or reshoot in post-production when the pregnancy is finished.

In pregnancy, ICP is diagnosed when the mother’s bile acid level is more than 14μmol/L, and the risk of stillbirth goes up when they rise to more than 40μmol/L.

Some studies suggest gallstones are more common in women with the condition, and a Swedish study published this year in the Journal of Hepatology found that women with ICP are also more likely to have diabetes in pregnancy.

This year, a study led by Professor Williamson at Imperial College London found that severe ICP triples the risk of stillbirth — in very severe cases, the risk of stillbirth is nine times higher than a normal pregnancy.

In a woman who is not pregnant, bile acids at the level of 6μmol/L (the concentration in the blood measured in micromols per litre) are normal.If your pet does lose her appetite during the early weeks of pregnancy or throws up occasionally, don't try to force her to eat.You can tempt her with some boiled ground beef and rice mixed with her kibble, but try not to worry too much if she still doesn't want food.Most dogs won't skip more than a day or two without eating something.If she refuses food three days in a row, then it's time to call your vet for some advice.In this case, the camera crews commonly resort to various tricks, all of which are almost Of course, since a baby bump is not the only physical change that occurs to a pregnant woman, just the most immediately obvious, efforts might not be totally successful.A petite, skinny actress whose face and breasts suddenly fill out would be a notable change even if her growing belly is concealed.It’s thought that pregnancy hormones affect the liver’s ability to transport some chemicals, including bile acids, which build up in the blood and stimulate the nerves under the skin that cause itching, explains Catherine Williamson, an obstetric physician and professor of women’s health at King’s College London.Bile acids are toxic if they accumulate — animal studies suggest that in very severe cases, the raised bile acids can affect some babies’ hearts, causing changes in the heartbeat that cannot be picked up on a standard foetal heart monitor.The nipples of an unbred female are usually small, and the area beneath them feels flat.Once a pregnancy is in progress, the milk glands begin to develop beneath the nipples, which also enlarge slightly in preparation for eventual milk production and nursing.

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