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Dating your pregnancy

Alternatively, the character might just be written to put on a lot of weight, due to a sudden "eating binge" or whatever (see "Frasier" below).

Note that this trope does not include cases where the actress' pregnancy is written into the show that's Written-In Infirmity.

This year, a study led by Professor Williamson at Imperial College London found that severe ICP triples the risk of stillbirth — in very severe cases, the risk of stillbirth is nine times higher than a normal pregnancy.

In a woman who is not pregnant, bile acids at the level of 6μmol/L (the concentration in the blood measured in micromols per litre) are normal.

Any minute now we would hear the reassuring thud, thud, thud.’ This time, Magdalen thought she knew the cause.

Her sister Nyree had just had a baby, and during her pregnancy she’d developed a terrible itch that was diagnosed as intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) — a liver disorder doctors said could kill her baby if it went untreated.

Nearly all newly pregnant dogs display some behavior change.

Some females become extra affectionate and may even cling to their owners as they become unsure about all the changes they're feeling.

This can still leave the disconcerting effect of an actress having a changing body shape throughout the movie.

Although most owners are careful to keep their pets confined when they are in heat, sometimes a breeding takes place - perhaps without the owner even realizing it.

If your pet does lose her appetite during the early weeks of pregnancy or throws up occasionally, don't try to force her to eat.

You can tempt her with some boiled ground beef and rice mixed with her kibble, but try not to worry too much if she still doesn't want food.

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