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Dating vs boyfriend and girlfriend

The big question that remains is which of the partners of the Penguins superstars is more attractive?To help you answer this, we have compiled eight pictures of Crosby’s girlfriend and another eight of Malkin’s wife.

Though it's discouraging news, being able to expose the problem is the first step toward finding a solution. Maybe you've been through a breakup but you can't stop thinking about your ex.Xisca and Rafael, 30, are yet to publicly announce an engagement or plans for marriage. If I followed him everywhere, I think there's a risk we might stop getting along." Xisca Perello doesn't have any public social media channels.In one of her only interviews, Xisca Perello revealed that she chooses not to attend most of Nadal's tennis matches in a bid to preserve their relationship. However, admiring fans have set up social media accounts to share pictures of the 28-year-old.Jerry angrily tries to force his girlfriend to give him the massage, causing a fight.As she storms out she encounters an enamored George, who professes that "she dislikes me so much, it's irresistible".Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend is Kathy Leutner, who is believed to be around the same age as Crosby (30).The couple have seldom been spotted in public together, a rarity today, but they have been dating since 2008!!The couple also had their first son together, Nikita Malkin, born May 31 2016 in New York City.Both Kathy Leutner and Anna Kasterova are attractive, we know that for sure.In this first picture of Crosby’s girlfriend Kathy Leutner, we see her donning a blue swimsuit and she appears to be enjoying a well deserved vacation.The Virginia-born beauty looks stunning in this photo.

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