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Dating uk car registrations

As these registrations have an age identifier (the two digits), you can only assign them to vehicles of the same age as the registration or younger.So, for example, the above registration - SK54 MPK - could be assigned to any vehicle first manufactured after 01/09/2004, but you'd be unable to put it on a vehicle that was manufactured before that date as you would be giving the impression that the vehicle was newer than it is.All of these styles of registration follow the rule that they cannot be assigned to vehicles that were manufactured before their date of issue.

The first three characters would originally have been able to identify the area of the country in which the registration was issued (in the above example the FVL indicates that this registration would have been released in Lincoln).

The dealer line 09 to request the date a vehicle was first registered will also close on 19 December 2014.

You’ll still be able to check this information over the telephone by calling 03 (which charges you at local rate) and confirming the vehicle’s make and registration number.

This means that where a dateless plate may read AB 12, a reversed dateless plate would read 12 AB.

Again, like with traditional dateless plates, the shorter and more desirable the combination you want the more expensive it tends to be.

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