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Dating traits of scottish men

Where do you suppose these little lables come from?Why were they given to each particular group of people?There is also the typical branding of the good 'ol Irish drinker or Scotsman and his wee dram of whiskey among others.

I had an interesting thing happen to me while getting a hair cut this morning.

While trimming away my stylist said, "You must have some Scotch (notice she said Scotch instead of Scots) or Irish in you somewhere...".

Perhaps it's an old puritan tradition that ‘Toronto the Good’ hasn't quite gotten rid of, but folks tend to opt out for the more traditional route of ‘courting’.

That is, two individuals meet and exchange numbers/emails; one individual waits for a designated amount of days before calling/emailing the other; the individuals meet for dinner and have lengthy flirtatious in-depth discussions about life and themselves.

Yet they came here beforehand to escape his tyranny...

My Scottish friend, Tim, confirmed what I have known for some time now: that Scottish people don't date.

End of novel I didn't honestly mean to write all that, I hope I don't put anyone to sleep Talisker! Apparently the gene that gives red hair really does cause people to feel more pain... I have no idea how scientists figured that one out (or if they all looked like Ron Howard). I never accept any of these "conventional wisdoms" until i see proof, but i was reading in a book titled, "The Millionaire Next Door," in which two Ph D's did extensive demographic research on American millionaires. They found that the largest portion of American millionaires had Russian heritage, and the second largest ethnic group among millionaires were the Scottish.

However, they pointed out that the Scottish-Americans were different from every other ethnic group in that though their net worths were quite high, their incomes were significantly lower than other ethnic groups.

Or rather, they don't ‘date’ in the way that you and I (fellow Torontonians and people of the world at large) may be familiar with.

Over here, it seems that young men and women meet through friends, work or in a bar/club and after meeting and consuming alcohol, the newly acquainted individuals go back to someone’s flat and shag.

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