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We're working for everybody in the world who needs love, family and happiness.

Life is too short and being unhappy and lonely is not the right way to live! If anybody wants to make a personal contact with our ladies before travelling, they can do this by becoming a are essential in meeting the demands of modern life.

You'll need to bring wads of cash, the most commonly accepted being the US dollar and Euro.

Using hard currency in restaurants and retail shops has been officially banned, but many services aimed at foreign tourists are exempt from this ruling and expect hard currency.

If you stick to mid-range * restaurants and hotels, you can expect to spend around US $80 a day.

If you self-cater, share accommodation and rely solely on public transport you can reduce your costs even further.

If you are genuine in your quest for love and happiness and the creation of a new family with your Russian woman, then we will do our utmost to help you and Your Special Lady from Russian Enigma to find each other.

If you want to meet with chosen lady(s), to get to know each other better and to establish serious, reliable and long-lasting relationships, then your next step is to make a trip to Ukraine.

We will help you with car transportation between cites for additional fee, provide you with our translation service and make your traveling as comfortable as possible.

Upon purchasing your Love Trip Package you must contact our office and confirm with our staff which trip package you have chosen, dates you plan to travel to Ukraine and the cities you want to visit.

Exchange kiosks have the best rates, while hotels generally have the worst.

Hard currency can be changed into gryvnia anywhere, but travelers' checks credit cards are only accepted at certain banks and exchange offices in a few larger cities.

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