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Dating someone whos in the closet

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Friends should have the ability to disagree comfortably, and at times do not even need to like each other.

Friends do, however, need to put their personal feelings associated with a given situation below the loyalty, responsibility, and trust that exists with each other. Hopefully you have these in your life, and if you do—make sure that you listen to them when you need to. Consider that your friends may hate your partner because they know you and what you want.

But we generally keep mum for the duration of the relationship, acting friendly to the not-my-cup-of-tea boyfriend.

So would I listen if a friend piped up and said she my boyfriend?

Who hasn't heard their friends say "Do you think this is going to go anywhere", "Well if you're happy then I'm happy", or the ever popular "I just think you can do better than him"? If your friends are just that, then they will accept your choices the way that you accept theirs.

Honestly, who hasn't known a friend that dated someone you were less than thrilled with? All relationships have some kind of boundaries; not the kind that should never be broken, but the kind that need permission to be.

Repeated cocaine use can lead to addiction as well as other adverse health consequences.

In many cases, family members recognize changes in an individual’s behavior but do not know which drug is being used.

You friends want what's best for you, but that doesn't necessarily mean they what's best for you. On the Soapbox Abraham Lloyd is a divorced dad, closet geek, and aspiring author dating in New York City.

He believes all men should own at least five jackets, know how to dance, and pay on a first date.

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