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Dating someone blue collar

No he may not be as cultured as other men, you may not have a jet-set life style but let me be truthful most women married to men with degrees have none of that either.

When I say blue-collar I mean professional, not the guy changing tires at the local gas station.

This guy happens to be my uncle and he is a foreman/sales man for a pool company makes plenty of money. Thats as close as I can get if this helped the hey no problem. Absolutly you can I am dating a very nice white collar lady now and have been for over a year.

I am a nurse and have a MBA in business and prefer to date men in the trades...... I am a firefighter and also do concrete construction, she is partners in a very sucessful accounting firm, that employes 65 people with 3 offices in 3 cities in mass.

If your man is a mechanic for Mercedes, guess what you’ll probably own a Mercedes.

When my best friend’s Mercedes broke down one day the guy who came out to fix it was in a Mercedes that he owned, he told her ‘we work for the company so we own the our product so we can show people we stand behind it’.

I think it is very possible for you to date a woman with an education.

I know someone who is married to a nurse who is presently getting her masters in nursing.I love siding a house or banging a deck together.....worked with a man in carpentry for six years, started his business. At first I was a bit skeptical about it thinking what does she see in me.I am in an area of craftsmen and you are in Boston.... But then I met some of the people she deals with on a daily basis, and soon realized they are phonies.He actually helped his parents build their log cabin home.I don’t know what you’re looking for but you need to know.A professional blue-collar guy may not be a bad deal for many woman.Many blue-collar men I know have well-paying jobs, some have businesses and they are hard working men.Okay call me a snob but I’m sorry, I have BA, a certification from the University of Washington as a paralegal and an MBA.I would expect any man that I got involved with while I was single to have at least the minimum, be educated and have graduated from a 4 year college. But now I’m going to talk to women who may be a little more open than myself.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I live in Boston's city center in a sea of professional people. Some of the most wonderful and treasured dates and boyfriends Ive had have been blue collar workers...I am fortunate to earn the money it takes to live in my location,but at the same time it is hard to find a woman who will have a serious relationship with me who lives in my area. The problem I have is finding a woman who wants a life in the city and who wants a long term relationship with me.sabre..... Maybe its cos my daddy was a blue collar worker , a small business owner, that I gravitate and feel very comfortable with a man who gets his hands dirty for a living....

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