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Dating sobohoe

You'll want the one in Bohan to pick Carmen up with. Taking her to a bar is a surefire way to get into Carmen's good graces with a minimum of effort.

When her opinion of a specific place falls below 25, she refuses to go there anymore.

In order to get the maximum success out of a date, therefore, you should refer to the initial opinions of all the activities listed in the table below, and try to vary the activities from date-to-date.

Each girl has an 'initial opinion' of each activity that is available, and each time you take her to a specific place her opinion of it drops by 5, while her opinion of all similar places drops by 1.

For example, if you visit the Cluckin' Bell in Star Junction her opinion of it drops by 5, while her opinion of all other Cluckin' Bells in the city drops by 1.

Note that you cannot date a girl when you are on a mission.

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After a date, you need to wait 5 hours (10 real-time minutes) before calling your girlfriend again.

Grand Theft Auto IV Girlfriend Guide Version 1.0 Tested on Xbox 360 ____________________________________ ------------------------------------ Romeo Two Zero ------------------ Table of Contents ------------------ 1. Putting in a little bit of time to woo certain women can unlock their special abilities that can help in particularly difficult missions later on.

), there can be several in game benefits to starting a relationship with the women of Liberty City.

Aside from the amusing interactions between Nico and the women he dates (Hot Coffee anyone?

Dating Basics ----------------- Like the previous GTA title San Andreas, dating makes a return in GTA IV.

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    Example In order to get the most out of a first date with Carmen, pick her up in a Sultan RS, wear clothes from Modo, and take her to one of the places with the highest initial opinion in the table below for example Comrades Bar on Hove Beach. Then on the second date, take her to another place with a high initial opinion.…

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    Oct 14, 2008. Once you get access to the internet after the mission “Out of the Closet” you can go on the ingame website and under the women's personals she is SoBoHoe. Send her an email and she'll shoot you one back with the time to meet. Respond positively and Niko's got a date with Ms. Ortiz.…

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    May 12, 2008. 6b Kiki Jenkins Date Setup Like Carmen, a date with Kiki can be set up after the "Out of the Closet" mission through the internet cafe. Her profile name is LawChick. Later dates can be set up by calling her between 6am - 2am. Clothing Preference Kiki likes the cheap clothes from the RUSSIAN shop.…

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    Mar 5, 2013. Sub my other channel TJ InfinityBlaze.…

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    Sep 24, 2012. In a cut scene for Elizabeta Torres, Carmen is seen dancing with Elizabeta at a house party, though she doesn't recognize Niko when he starts dating her. There is a slight possibility that Carmen is bisexual, because of her interest in going to strip clubs and on her Love-Meet profile it says "Free Spirit" under.…

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    Sep 15, 2017. Visit Perseus. This store has the snazziest and most expensive suits you can find, and you'll need at least two. Wear one to the first date, then switch to a different one for the second date lest you appear like a "Blues Brother". Whatever you do, try not to wear your off-the-boat scrubs to a date with Carmen.…