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Title case should not be imposed on such titles under such a citation style when that style is the one consistently used in an article.

For further information, see Wikipedia: Manual of Style – Punctuation.

Titles in quotation marks that include (or in unusual cases consist of) something that requires italicization for some other reason than being a title, e.g.

If there are two subtitles, a dash can be used between the second and third elements.

Capitalization in foreign-language titles varies, even over time within the same language. For historical works, follow the dominant usage in modern, English-language, reliable sources. An indefinite or definite article is only capitalized at the start of a title or subtitle. a book chapter titled "An Examination of The Americans: The Anachronisms in FX's Period Spy Drama" contains three capitalized leading articles (main title, embedded title, and subtitle).

For complete guidance on the handling of titles of works, see further detail at the following pages (until the material is better consolidated): It is a generally accepted standard that editors should attempt to follow, though it is best treated with common sense, and occasional exceptions may apply.

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For people's honorific and occupational titles, see WP: Manual of Style § Titles of people, and (for more details) WP: Manual of Style/Biographies § Honorific titles.

For works originally named in languages other than English, use WP: COMMONNAME to determine whether the original title or an English language version should be used as the article title.

For works best known by their title in a language other than English, an English translation of that title may be helpful.

For titles with subtitles or parenthetical phrases, capitalize the first word of each element, even if it would not normally be capitalized, if the element is either: Where subtitle punctuation is unclear (e.g.

because the subtitle is given on a separate line on the cover or a poster), use a colon and a space, not a dash, comma, or other punctuation, to separate the title elements.

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