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It was what he was looking for in a woman, everything he wanted in a woman.

When another friend also told me that, I couldn’t resist, I had this idea.

I created a profile for myself on and I used somebody else’s picture.

My initial reaction was one of surprise – we’d only been apart a few weeks (although we’d spent the best part of nine months discussing it.) Was I that easily forgotten?

As I thought about it though, I thought it was a good thing. It was me who had said “I don’t love you anymore.” It meant he was moving on.

It’s time to move on but I’m concerned that with so much uncertainty facing her, Nancy is clinging to what she knows – the past.

How did you feel when you first discovered your ex was dating? PS: Does anyone put their status as “married” on a dating site?

I can understand wanting to try to work problems out with your spouse but with a divorce that had been proceeding for almost two years and the history here, to me this was not a productive exercise for Nancy and I’m sure it would be upsetting for her ex had he known .

At this stage, I would be counseling Nancy to focus her energies on herself and to let go.

A year ago, Nancy discovered her husband was dating online and that hurt.

Here’s what happened: I found out last year that he had subscribed to, (the dating site) saying that he was divorced already, even though officially he’s not.

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