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Your patience level will be a factor in that demonstration - going off the deep end about it to try and persuade him for example will hurt a lot more than it will help. I love him but sometimes he make me want to say its over. I am going through the same things with my Capricorn man.

Then he do something that make me forget what I was mad at him for and I really can't stand that, if im mad I want him to let me be mad at him. and one part of me knows he's good to me and that I want to marry him... I just have to try and get past the "intimidation" part of it. Plus im not sure if he's over the ex yet and Im afraid of getting rejected for that reason! he lives in Florida im in Ohio he would love for me to relocate. and I'm still the one looking for love in all the wrong places. I'm Aquarius and like to show my affections to my man.

meaning I find myself secretly craving his attention and feeling extremely special when I am given it. or any books on the hardship of the Capricorn man and making him take a chance...once!

He dances well, he challenges my mind, I can talk to him about nothing and he still stimulates me mentally! He was very assertive and honest from day one about his concerns with our age difference and bluntly informed me that nothing serious could ever happen between us... naturally we randomly bumped into each other out every Saturday night after that! I have never kissed a man quite like a Capricorn man, who seemed to be happy for me to lead and pleasantly surprised by my playfulness, which appealed to all my senses that he was shocked, intrigued, and impressed because I enjoy myself, only, when I know someone is enjoying themselves (in anything..) I apologize for this long, detailed post but I cannot see any other solution to my problem then to have him. many thanks Luisa x Hey Luisa, first off Capricorns tend to be very cautious and practical when selecting long term partners. Often the process of making one fall in love is described as bringing down their walls (check out the Scorpio woman Capricorn man message board on this site if you want to see some complaining and strategizing about this!

forced to settle for less than what you want or feel you deserve... Several years ago, he was wanting to have sex with me and I would never give in. This will not only make your Cap man highly attracted to you but you will be happy and at peace within yourself as well. Neediness and insecurity is a total turn off to him.

He is a very good looking man, could have anybody he wanted too and I knew this so I would never allow myself to just be another notch on his belt. I did see him over the holidays out and about and of course we just stared but nothing is every said. This is also the only man that has ever intimidated me. Also after he became a friend of min on FB, he broke up with his g-friend a month later.. Let him know that you admire him and want to be with him, but you also have a life of your own.

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The best match I have had compared to any other sign.

he is an impressive dresser (again something I thoroughly appreciate about him), he works hard.. then one night, we danced together, sit down together, drank together and finally kissed each other! )In your case one of the walls is the age difference. Having said that, Capricorns generally prefer mature and dependable lovers.

A valid point to make to him is that as you both get older that 9 years will be less and less significant. So the obstacle is really demonstrating you are one, more than the age gap itself.

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