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Dating since elementary school

"Some students never or hardly ever reported dating from middle to high school, and these students had consistently the best study skills according to their teachers.

The Lewis College of Business was the first business school in Detroit to accept African American students when it opened in 1939.

After years of financial problems the school closed in the late 2000's.

One hundred percent of these students dated in sixth grade.

"At all points in time, teachers rated the students who reported the lowest frequency of dating as having the best study skills and the students with the highest dating as having the worst study skills," according to the journal article.

We also saw a large number of students who reported dating since sixth grade." Of the early daters, a large portion of the study group-38 percent-reported dating at almost all measurement points throughout the study.

The second at-risk segment, identified as "high middle school dating," represented 22 percent of the sample.

Yesterday our Santee Health Academy students piloted their first Sharetable during lunch.

The sharetable is meant to help eliminate food waste and student hunger by encouraging students to drop off the prepackaged food they don't want and picking up extra food if they are hungry.

Each year, the group completed a survey indicating whether they had dated and reported the frequency of different behaviors, including the use of drugs and alcohol.

Their teachers completed questionnaires about the students' academic efforts.

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