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Dating sims games wiki

Dating Sim Games are Keima's favorite types of games.

Many of game company's want to know who the Capturing God is.

It is more commonly known by its Japanese name "Galge", which is literally the portmanteau of "Gal" and "Game".

-Seventh Holy Scripture , 10 April 2007 (UTC) I'm not sure of what changed, but I really like the description of sims being based on statistics, and visual novels being choose your own adventures.

I thought that was the clearest description I've seen and the easiest distinction.

She seems to be drawn as a parody of the famed visual novel Kanon.

Not many things are known about Yotsuba, she looks like Ayu Tsukimiya but much worse. Tsukiyo Kujyō commented that it was just doodling, which Keima couldn't forgive her for and wished to curse her for what she had said about Yokkyun.

I hope this list might help clarifying the difference.

To put a couple of clear examples, The Question is a Ren'ai game, while Summer Session is a Dating sim.

A pick-a-path book is _not_ artificially intelligent. I just noticed someone removed the BL game and Gx B pages and reverted them here.

Now, not only is this page a mess, but the "gender focus" section on the sidebar is obsolete /and/ people are getting confused - I just saw that Angelique had been placed in the "Bishoujo games" category (there are no official Angelique games that involve a male main character dating females). I'm going to try and remove the content I can figure out is referring to the other genre, but I'm not quite sure what all of the games mentioned are, so it's rather hard.--Seizure Dog , 13 March 2007 (UTC) Well, ja:加奈_~いもうと~ describes it as a ren'ai adventure game.

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