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Dating shy insecure guy

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works…

Over the years, I have been surprised at how common the “Sam” story is for guys out there.

It’s pretty much the most common story I come across; especially for guys who are looking to get an ex girlfriend back. Most guys fumble their way into relationships without any real knowledge or awareness of how to attract and seduce women properly.

They can be more insecure."In high school, I dated a guy who was 5'6" and I noticed that he was really into manly things like working out and muscle cars, more so than his tall friends.

He would even make his voice deeper when he was with other guys.

As a woman you feel sexiest in heels, so having to wear flats all the time was hard.

I prefer dating taller men so I can wear anything and feel good! You can't borrow their clothes."When I was in high school I was close to 5'8" and dated someone who was barely 5'2".

Today’s women are encouraged by society to break up with unsatisfactory men, so the days of guys being able to get through life as a shy, insecure guy are pretty much over.

Asking, is a classic example of where guys go wrong when it comes to success with women.

One night, a drunk woman chose to approach him and say hi.

After a few more drinks, they left the bar together and went home for sex.

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