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Discovery started with Summer Solstice Sunset 2014 morphed into realization that Meadow Mountain Coke Coke County was an ancient religious center.

One out growth of that was finding EAST AFRICANS & ANCIENT NAVIGATION by Harry Bourne [email protected] It Could Not Be In a series of papers, this writer has proposed that our ancestors were very much more in touch by sea than is usually accepted by most maritime historians.

And, to answer the question you must discover the “why.” What is the motivation; is it cultural or survival, or perhaps the dictates of the mores of Article sent to us via originally Sunday, September 7, 2014 Underground City In The Grand Canyon Was Documented In 1909 ARIZONA GAZETTE, MONDAY, APRIL 5, 1909 The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists What would it take to unseat the belief that Columbus discovered America and the New World had no visitors or colonists before 1492? These papers tend to concentrate By Harry Bourne [email protected] BEYOND THE WDJ-WR A long history lies behind attributing the sources of Pre-Dynastic Egypt of Before Common Era (= BCE [= as opposed to CE/AD]) to beyond what Egypt called the Wdj-wr (= Great Green = [all?

Yates, Panther’s Lodge Publishers, 2013) Summary Ever since publication of The Book of the Hopi in the 1960s the legends of the Hopi Indians of Arizona have been central to any discussion Expanded Chapter from Yates’ Old Souls in a New World © Donald N.

Yates 2005-2015 Old Souls in a New World, by Donald N.

The crosses and related objects, including two nehushtans, were made by the lost-wax process from lead, a favored medium for lasting memorials in antiquity and valuable by-product from the gold-silver-and-copper mining carried on by various foreign visitors in Arizona. The age is consistent with the well documented and radiocarbon supported ages for Elko Series dart points and Humboldt Basal Notched thrusting spears, knives and dart points.

They are covered with medieval Latin and square He­brew inscriptions that provide a record of a military colony of Roman, Frankish and British Jews who conquered the Toltec fortress city of Rhoda we now know as Tu­mamoc Hill overlooking Tucson, an ancient and important trading and mining site among the Hohokam Indians. Therefore we believe those dart point depictions and XRF dates place the Coso projectile point drawings during a range of time from about 2000 BC to AD 1.

Dear Colleague, Rob Hyde and I have published our “study volume” of the Tucson Artifacts. Principal Archaeologist Ultra Systems Environmental [email protected]@Founder and Director California Rock Art Foundation One by, William Olivadoti In general, a work, by an amateur, which attempts to show parallels and similarities between distant and diverse cultures, in both time and space, culminating in which appear to be evidentiary clues in both archival and geographic form, which could be postulated to by Richard D.

This collection of plates, texts and translations brings to general scholarly notice solid archeological and literary proof of Old World influences and settlements in pre-Columbian America. December 2014 Originally published in: North American Archaeologist, Spring 2007 Edition Alan P. Moats Overview: The Salisbury brothers authored a paper in 1862 describing several archaeological sites in Ohio. All proofs but DNA are present in the so-called Tucson Crosses, and the moment Summary The Pima Indians and their southern cousins the Papago have been studied intensely by ethnologists and others.Only one is not lead, the Theodore memorial shaped from native caliche that constitutes artifact no. All form part of the 1994 bequest to the Arizona Historical Society Museum, South­ern Division by Thomas W. For more information in acquiring the dvd and joining the California Rock Art Foundation click here or to purchase at The Bradshaw Foundation click here Alan P. The XRF dates provide a mean age of 2,750 plus or minus 700 calendar years before present for these images (and also provide an indirect basis for dating the other similar figures).Bent, Jr., where they are split between display cases in the lobby and the vault. The dates provide a general age range for these corner notched and basal notched point depictions.Both recent and rare books, other publications, videos, maps, artifacts and reproductions will come up for sale in our e Shop.But, mostly, we provide YOU a place to express your interests and opinions.Kisses Of Africa you can search, message and live chat with hundreds of new russian girls and local or foreign men; Finding that perfect date, and forming a lasting relationship just got easier.Whether you are looking for fun, friends, love or marriage, we are confident you’ll find the right one for you, or have fun trying!It is available to Signed book above is available directly from the author. Principal Archaeologist Ultra Systems Environmental [email protected]@Founder and Director California Donald J. One was an “Ancient Symbolic Earth Works” in Northern Perry County. They are often represented as definitive specimens of the “Amerind” ethnic type. Their creation story has been codified in the By, Harry Bourne [email protected] They?For more information in acquiring the dvd and joining the California Rock Art Foundation click here or to purchase at The Bradshaw Foundation click here Alan P. Mc Mahon Symbologist/Researcher The seafarer was born, sailed the oceans, and generated symbols as a testament to the journeys undertaken. The god was the sun, and the goddess was Venus, and every eight years they unite. The paper included a narrative and plot map of a hill top earthwork and By Carl Bjork At a crime scene, the investigator will always ask the question, “who” perpetrated the offense. In a series of papers, it has been my intention to attempt to demonstrate that our ancestors were rather more in maritime contact across the world than is generally accepted, especially in academic circles.This is the maritime history western parts or Atlantic-facing Europe but most especially that of the maritime Celts.However, on looking for information about what was happening “The Hopis’ Elder White Brother” (chapter from Old Souls in a New World, by Donald N.

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