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Diese Woche steht die “Kontroverse” unter dem Titel: In der Folge finden Sie die beiden – unverändert wiedergegebenen – Kolumnen.

Dadurch soll dieser kreativen und spannenden Idee auch hier ein Forum gegeben werden.

But, more crucially I think, a cylinder of lipstick (more than a wand of gloss) is an icon of the mystic feminine, invested with the collective potency of a century of magazine advertisements and images of sultry Hollywood goddesses. In any case, economists now view lipstick sales as a surprisingly reliable indicator that consumer confidence is low.

Trainee and practising anaesthetists and intensivists at all levels will find this book extremely relevant in their daily clinical practice.

Forget inflation, trade deficits, housing figures – the true indicator of where our economy is going is the humble lipstick.

I’m the sort of person who notices these things: you may not.

The colours themselves are lovely - rich with pigment and shot through with a beautiful moiré effect.

A considerable amount of effort has been put into developing lipsticks that not only provide new colours, formulas and textures but also new ways of presenting them in clever packaging which often incorporates a useful feature, such as a built-in mirror ( (and borrowing the original music from Georges Delarue), is photographed by fashion great Bettina Rheims and features model Julie Ordon (a blander Brigitte Bardot) romping naked under white sheets with a tube of Rouge Allure (a lippie I love, by the way, because of it’s elegant click-open case.) “Tell me,” she purrs. , with the innovative Lip-Magnify applicator that is shaped so that it picks up more colour and contours more precisely.

It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but the brush does deposit the thick, rich gloss on your lips in a way that seems more sensually satisfying than glosses that have a hard tip or a brush.When female consumers face a dismal financial outlook, it has been discovered, they seek something to make them feel better about themselves. It has the ability to quickly transform a face – especially a gorgeous, deep slash of red or a swoop of liquid gold.In this there’s something undoubtably sexy about a luscious pout (even for the pouter.) It’s maximum output for minimum outlay.Recent Advances in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, volume 24 is the latest book in this very successful and long-established series (originally entitled Recent Advances in Anaesthesia and Analgesia) to present a collection of cutting-edge topics for anaesthetists.It has been compiled by some of the world's leading authorities in their subjects and builds on the successful formula of the previous volumes.Unter dem Titel “Kontroverse” gibt es in jeder Freitag-Ausgabe der Salzburger Nachrichten eine Doppelkolumne, in der Katharina Krawagna-Pfeifer und ich jeweils zum gleichen, von der SN-Redaktion vorgegebenen Thema schreiben.Und zwar ohne dass man gegenseitig die Texte vorher kennt.Die Korruptionsaffäre Ernst Strasser ist nur der vorläufige und jüngste Höhepunkt einer langen Reihe von Skandalen, die seit der Wende in Österreich gang und gäbe sind.Damals, als der ehemalige Bundeskanzler Wolfgang Schüssel und nunmehrige Atomlobbyist mit Abgeordnetenmandat das schwarz-blaue Regierungsexperiment ins Leben rief, begann sich im öffentlichen Leben der Alpenrepublik Elitekorruption in großem Stil zu etablieren.Leonard Lauder, Chairman of the Estée Lauder group, first coined the phrase when he observed that during tough economic times the sale of lipsticks boom.Immediately after 9/11, for instance, the sales of lipsticks doubled, as women sought comfort from an indulgent but inexpensive source. Well, it’s cheaper than an Easton Pearson skirt or a Chloe bag.

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