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Dating roycroft marks

c1810 to 1825, rare examples of Coalport porcelain is marked in underglaze blue, ‘Coalbrookdale’, ‘CD’ or ‘C. c1815 to 1825, some Coalport plates and dishes include impressed numerals. c1845 to 1855, Coalport produced many Sevres & Chelsea porcelain imitations that can often include copies of the original Sevres or Chelsea marks.The mock Chelsea mark can be an overlarge gold anchor.c1861 to 1875, Some Coalport marks feature a painted or gilt ampersand.

I was amazed by the stuff I saw and thought that someday when I could buy real furniture I would love to get some.

I remember being shocked at the sticker prices, I would turn over a Roycroft vase and it cost 1000 dollars. At that point I realized you could get Arts and Crafts at reasonable prices if you go to flea markets and antique shows.

Hubbard inserted an "R" standing for "Roycroft" and symbolizing "Royal Craft" inside the circle, and began placing the logo in highly visible spots on the artisan's products.

The logo would be carved into handcrafted furniture, affixed to leather goods, and added to certain patterns used on china and glassware.

From the tail end of the 19th century through the first few decades of the 20th, the Roycrofters of East Aurora, New York produced beautiful examples of Mission-style furniture, handmade books, and a variety of hand-hammered copper vases, lamps, candleholders, humidors, and bowls.

Founded by writer and soap entrepreneur Elbert Hubbard in 1897, the Roycroft community was inspired by the work of English Arts and Crafts proponents William...

Then he started publishing for magazines using his own press. Hubbard then bought a bunch of property in East Aurora, New York and established an Arts and Crafts community called The Roycroft.

Between 18 he established a bindery, print shop, powerhouse, chapel, blacksmith shop, a whole variety of buildings that looked like a little college campus.

Ornate and fine quality Coalport porcelain can include mock Sevres marks with a C at top.

c1851 to 1861, Ornate porcelain wares can feature a gold painted mark of interlinked CBD.

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