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If you’re not single, you can’t enter into a marriage contract and the marriage is void.But, if you stay married to the person and they dissolve their first marriage, then you automatically become married to them when the first marriage ends.

And then about a year of dating I was graduated and we were married. VOID MARRIAGES There are two grounds for declaring a marriage void in Texas: Consanguinity means getting married to someone who is a relative.

Filing civil cases like divorce, electronically, is mandatory in the state of Texas.

US Legal PRO is the only divorce petition preparer in the state of Texas that is also an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) approved by the Office of court Administration.

US Legal PRO not only helps with creation of Petition of Uncontested Divorce in Texas but also files the petition it for you in the court – a service that nobody else provides.

I first dated him during the final year of my graduation. Additionally US Legal PRO gives you ability to sign online thus eliminating the need to print, sign, scan and file.

We were colleagues and our relationship started with a friendship and eventually we fell for each other. So what are the grounds for annulment of a marriage in Texas?So, if your spouse got married to you less than 30 days after he/she got a divorce and there was no way that you could have known about that and you quit living with your spouse right after you found out, then you can get an annulment.But, you can’t get an annulment on these grounds after your first wedding anniversary. ” Marie’s story is so bizarre, and it happened in a small town in Central Texas.By that they mean a father or mother, a child, a brother or sister, an aunt or an uncle, a nephew or a niece.A Texas court won’t grant annulment for fraud, duress or force if the spouses continued to live together after the fraud was discovered or the duress or force was no longer present.Mental Illness If either spouse was mentally ill or emotionally disturbed at the time of the marriage, the marriage is considered voidable and it can be used as ground for an annulment.So, these are the grounds for annulment under Texas family law.If you meet the requirements of any of them, then you can file for an annulment. If you marry that close a relative, then you can seek an annulment to declare your marriage void.You can also have your marriage declared void if your spouse was married to someone else when he/she married you.

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