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Dating pink coral cameo

Delicate, but dramatic, these are the kind of beauties you can pass on to your family as a remembrance of caring and sharing. You are able to see its tortoiseshell coloring in the transilluminated photo.Three hand carved oval shell cameos have been inlayed into the center of three of the tortoiseshell links. 1865-80) The tortoiseshell has been heated and shaped so that the curves lay smoothly around your wrist.

The initials of the jewelry artist are on the back of the setting – “J? The original brooch C clasp is still in place as is the safety chain.

Neptune is a rare cameo subject and an exciting find. A few striations, the result of the natural drying of the shell.

The pin back has a C clasp closure and safety chain. TRIPLE EMBODIMENT OF GRACE & BEAUTY ( Vintage Jewelry Three Graces Cameo Earrings ): It is very difficult to find pretty Cameo Earrings without spending a small fortune.

If you study the back of the setting you will see that the jeweler shaped the gold backing to fit the circular scrolls of the shell providing support and guarding against breakage. This brooch is unusual and feminine, as well as eye catching. I was lucky to find this impressive pair of earrings with double cameos of The Three Graces displayed in each earring.

Why did the Greeks transform Melpomene from the Muse of Singing to that of Tragedy?

I could not find the answer, but it may have something to do with her mating (in some versions of the story ) with Achelous, chief of all river deities, to produce the infamous Sirens who “imitated the strains of their melodious mother” to lure sailors to their doom – i.e: Tragedy!

JET WIND-SWEPT POSEIDON ( Victorian Jewelry Jet Poseidon Cameo Brooch ): Here is a majestic hand carved Antique Whitby Jet Cameo of the Roman god, Neptune, also known as Poseidon in Greek mythology. It was a domain well suited to the ill-tempered, volatile god who sent calm seas if feeling beneficent, but caused storms and earthquakes when enraged.

Carved in profile, this view of the Wind-Swept Sea god is facing left, indicating a master carver. 1860-80) The mighty and handsome god is pictured with the sea wind flowing through his long locks, giving the appearance of waves. This regal carving shows Poseidon with a headband in his flowing hair.

I believe that part of his hair forms a dolphin (see photos), but it does take some imagination. The backing is a plate of plain silver with a C clasp closure.

You can see the rivets holding the plate to the cameo. MELODIOUS MELPOMENE ( Victorian Jewelry Melpomene Muse of Tragedy Shell Cameo Brooch / Pin ): When I first fell in love with Antique Cameos, I quickly tired of most “pretty ladies” unless the carving was really special or they were made of the more unusual materials – coral, ivory, jet, lava or hard stone.

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