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Particularly, killing women in Baloch culture is considered covertness.

The role of Baloch women through history is of times oversimplified and misinterpreted through the lens of recent history for which there are far more records.

Baloch people have their own characteristics; like any other nation in terms of art, music, morals, and customs. Although Baloch have a history of a nomadic way of life but with the passage of time they in transitory process in settling themselves in modern life.

Adoption of modern life influenced their norms and culture as they merge in a new society.

On the other hand, as respect of women in Baloch society, if she interferes during tribal feuds between two warring tribes – both parties will stop fighting.

Baloch women have taken the responsibility of teaching their children moral principle and values.

Role of women not only of importance economic activities, but her role in non-economic activities is equally important.

The Baloch women work very hard, in some cases even more than men.

Hospitality is one of the best virtues among Baloch people.

For instance, when an enemy entered in their house or huts for seeking protection, they are bound to give them protection and treat them with honor.

Baloch women have always played a major role being housewife, working in agriculture field for centuries during the cultivation period – nomadic women can help graze the flocks and much more.

Women take care of feeding the livestock, cleaning the abodes and even in providing traditional care of diseases.

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