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As Luke was 19 at the time, he would have been floated for committing this crime.

Once she is home with her mother Sonja, we discover the reason that Glass was arrested; Glass had become pregnant with Luke's child.Glass mentions how Clarke Griffin was there, and she had a question for the teacher like she always does.We find out Glass wasn't particularly friends with Clarke, as she makes a mean remark about Clarke's outfit before heading home.He says he has been thinking about what happened and what she could have been confined for.He says he heard a rumor of a girl getting arrested for a certain crime, but says he'd never believe she'd keep something like that from him. She explains she didn't tell him because she didn't see a reason for both of them to die.They don't discuss her mother's apparel, but instead, her mother is worried about Glass.Since stomach illnesses were rare on Phoenix, Glass' mother quickly comes to the realization that Glass is pregnant.In The 100, she is the main character in chapters 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24.Flashback Scenes (chronological): Glass remembers how she woke up one morning and felt nauseous.Glass Sorenson is a major character in The 100 book series. Glass' story in the books gives the readers insight on life on the Colony, while the others are on Earth.She is shown to be hot-headed and to be someone who will risk anything for the people that she loves.

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