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Dating men like large women

Participants were self-selected and not representative, but the comments were all over the map.Some said they could feel attracted only to women with a specific endowment.

I googled “women’s breast size men’s preference,” and found several discussions.

7Or Better does exactly what it says on the tin and is for well-endowed men and potential dates who, categorically, think it’s the size of the ship not the motion of the ocean that matters.

Website founder Steven Pasternack filled us in on what triggered him to launch it.

He said: ‘I had the idea talking to a few female friends who were complaining about investing time with guys who then turned out to have small penises.

‘They all said they wished there was a site which listed penis size like it did hair colour and height.’ Launched in 2008 and now with approximately 40,000 members, 7Or Better is increasingly popular with both the straight and gay community – perhaps highlighting the growing trend for internet daters to want to know everything about their potential dates before they meet.

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