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But, she added, many do aim for a man with a monthly income somewhere between HK,000 and HK0,000 (roughly US,300 to US,900).

Irene Fung, a 40-something businesswoman, said men who are still active in the dating market that she had encountered are usually incapable of genuine communication, have low standards for themselves, fear commitment, and lack self-confidence.(Yes, this is the one that offended my friend so much.While it appears to have been removed by the publisher, perhaps because of the number of complaints, a cached version is here.) The truth is, neither men nor women want to settle for less than what they want—and Hong Kong men and Hong Kong women seem to want different things.“They are women who have a great education, a successful career, and a pretty face and just don’t want to settle for less,” Lai said.Men who have a “good package” (this means, by the way, that they are physically attractive, with a sizable bank account and a promising career), she added, have complained to her that they are having greater difficulties in finding their Ms. “They mind women who are too career-driven,” said Lai.This is because one of the characteristics of online dating services is that participants voluntarily provide their personal information to the site to be matched with compatible individuals, and there is no guarantee of the authenticity of information provided.So for users who want to build serious relationships, they have to pay a high fee. “It’s Kong men who should get real and stop blaming us women.” Women have long been the victims in an ongoing battle of the sexes in Hong Kong over the past three decades.In recent years, the fearful message has spread: Hong Kong is running out of men!So ladies, if you don’t want to end up as an old maid and die alone, you must hurry and “get real.” Don’t be picky and only go after men who have a “good package.” Cure your “princess syndrome” and stop being a spoiled brat.Don’t become one of those gold-digging, delusional This stigma toward single women has become the central narrative of Hong Kong’s dating culture.

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