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The trial judge may then "certify" the case to the supreme court by slating the question of law for its determination. If so the papers are transmitted to the supreme court. NEW YORK m 1 COPYRIGHT IN ALL COUNTRIES SUBSCRIBING TO THE BERNE CONVENTION" BY THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BR1TANNICA COMPANY' LTD University of London and Institute of Chemistry. In the bill of exceptions each error asserted and upon which he intends to rely on appeal is set out separately Errors not assigned are disregarded by the appellate court. 7 Submit his record or case on appeal for the approval of the trial judge The judge examines the record to ascertain whether it gives an accurate history of the trial. To do this he must take 134 APPEAL an oath that he is financially incapable of providing proper security. Execute a supersedeas bond In most Stales such a bond is required to prevent the execution of the judgment appealed from By the bond the appellant binds himself to pay the full amount of such judgment as may be finally rendered against him 5 Prepare a bill of exceptions It is by means of this device that a review of errors occurring during the trial may be secured on a writ of error. This record con- tains, in addition to the record proper, the bill of exceptions, and a report of the testimony given at the or so much of it as is relevant to the errors assigned. Author of The Mastery of the Arts ^ Antioch College. This security, ordinarily a bond with two sureties is required unless the appellant appeals in forma pauperis. Ap- peals from the local courts of record which still survive in certain cities, towns and districts are in a somewhat anomalous position. Appeals from Inferior Courts of Civil Jurisdiction. Provide security for the costs on appeal in case the appeal should be unsuccessful. Give notice to the other party of his intention to prosecute an appeal 3. File a written mo- tion for a new trial with the trial judge Many supreme courts will not hear an appeal unless the trial judge has first denied a motion for a new trial 2. Under typical procedure the defeated party would proceed as follows: i.

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