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With hard work, comes fiscally responsibility and equal practicability.

The Capricorn doesn’t want to date someone who doesn’t match their ambition and dreams of accomplishing things of epic proportions.

The Aquarius is curious about all things and people. They are natural born diplomats, non-conformists, and world travelers.

He will make no time in his busy schedule for nonsense and for a woman who does not have her head straight.

Typically, he will settle down much later in his life because he is too busy building an empire for himself first.

What you tell yourself: "He just didn't want to bail on our plans."Why you're wrong: This is the BEST excuse for him to bail or flake on you if he wanted to...

If you believe in constellations and the zodiac chart, you know that each sign has its distinct likes and dislikes.

Also, I guarantee that wherever he went out with his friends, he could've easily found someone to hook up with if that's all he wanted.

But no, this guy went out of his way to LEAVE his own friends and come meet up with you guys simply because he wanted to hook up with What you tell yourself: "We were doing something fun, so they just wanted to come do that, too."Why you're wrong: He had to actively convince his friends to do whatever you guys are doing.

We have compiled a list of the zodiacs with their correspondent with absolute deal breakers.

Keep these in mind when exploring a new relationship!

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