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OWWA -NLSF Livelihood Development Program This program is in partnership of OWWA and National Support Fund to further improve access to entrepreneurial development opportunities and credit facilities to OFWs, their families, and organizations.

Enterprises may include trading, services, manufacture and agri-business.

The story of a marriage told first from the husband’s, then wife’s, perspectives presents two very different accounts of the same relationship.

The acceptable purposes of loan are working capital, business assets except lot, business site construction or improvement to the eligible members of OWWA.

Requirements for eligibility of availing any of the benefits provided for by the agency may it documentary and other requirements are comprehensively listed for easy access.

DOLE-OWWA Tulay Microsoft Project provides OFW’s IT training and access to technology particularly basic computer applications such as MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and internet use at the Community Technology learning Centers (CTLC).

Tulay-Aral Project aims to assist less fortunate children of former OFWs who are determined through the family profile provided for with the assistance of DSWD.

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