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A multi-language site is a single website that’s reproduced and published in more than one language.

The Microsoft Translator is a webpage widget that allows you to translate pages on your website in real time.

Users can see your pages in their own language without having to go to a separate translation website to share your page with others in multiple languages.

This is little about me, I am from Germany,i work and live in Germanyi am divorced 5 years back, i live alone at the moment, i love fun, compassionate, affectionate, honest, spontaneous and hard working. Ich werde immer sein, wer ich bin im Kern meine Seele mein Wesen was ich bin und was mich ausmacht aber ich bin voller Potenzial Ich kann eigentlich unterrichtet werden LOL Frau muss wie ein leitendes Licht für M.. Enjoys doing things together, but enjoys their own space as well.

I would like to meet someone that enjoys communication.

Here’s an example: The variations feature is a component of the Share Point Online publishing infrastructure, and it uses publishing site templates when creating sites.

The actual content publishing process, however, depends on which site template you choose when setting up your variations.

When you publish the source site, all publishing pages from the Pages library are replicated automatically on the targets and queued for translation and publishing.

Document libraries, announcement lists, and image libraries are also replicated as part of the variations process.

This table defines key terms you will encounter in the variations setup and management process. Generally found at the root of the site collection, the variation home can also be a subsite in a collection.

It redirects site visitors to the appropriate variation site based on browser location settings.

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