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Dating in the dark week 3

The writings on the crucifixion of the historians from the first and second centuries is very interesting. These historians even mention the darkening of the sky and the earthquake which the gospels describe at the time of the crucifixion.

It was not until the sixteenth century that the Jewish calendar was formally defined precisely.

Some events regarding the life of Christ and the life of Paul the Apostle, which are mentioned in the New Testament can be dated.

From historical sources telling when these individuals were in office you can show that the possible range of years of the crucifixion to be from AD 26 to AD 36.

Then you can go through a process of elimination to to rule out all these years except AD 33. One of the strengths of Humphrey's book is the way it clarifies calendar issues and the way the Jews counted months, days, and nights.

Jesus baptism was apparently not long after the beginning of John the Baptist's ministry.

The gospel of Luke mentions that John the Baptist began his ministry in the 15th year of Ceasar Tiberius (Luke 3:1-3).There are also complicated issues about various calendar systems in use at the time of Christ that create confusion.Many Christian scholars have come to question either the synoptic gospels or the gospel of John because of the difficulties of resolving questions about exactly when Jesus was crucified.Furthermore, the greatest number of Christian scholars through history have held to AD 33 as the year of the crucifixion, though they may have had various views on the exact date and day of week on which it happened.To me it seems the place to start with deduction from all the available information is with John the Baptist.Julian dates are usually used by historians and Bible scholars for events in this time in history.I would say there are a couple of lines of argument that can be used to date the crucifixion.Luke clearly goes out of his way to be specific about when this year was, by relating it to six different important officials.This firmly connects Jesus and the gospels to Roman history.He takes the Bible at face value rather than questioning the details in Scripture in some way, which I believe is the right approach.I would not always agree with him on some interpretational points but he does well in analyzing the crucifixion date question.

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