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Dating in sunderland

I sincerely thank Brian Wharmby of Leicestershire, U.

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'Nemo', a Sunderland resident, has written in to say that he believes they, in fact, belong to an old power station. One can imagine the artist working in his studio on the etching plate & looking up constantly to the original painting perhaps sitting on an easel beside him. But Keith advises that based upon recent work in other parts of England, presumably on similar sorts of vessels, this type of canoe may not be as old as was first thought. I learn that the boat was found by Harry Watts, as you can read here.

I would truly be surprised if an armourer skilled in the forge would himself apply that process to the most different discipline of printmaking. The webmaster hopes that in the near future more material can be presented on this page & site of early industrial Sunderland. Its size is about eleven feet long by two feet broad, by one and a half feet deep.

The contrast between what the River Wear looked like through to the mid 20th century, & what it looks like today is truly astonishing. And perhaps you also may think it is important since you have found your way to this very page. So bear with me as data re Sunderland is located by the webmaster. He lives far away in Canada & has no access to local image archives or museums. ' Parsons Norman' seems to be, in full, George Parsons Norman (1840-1914). Stone implements shaped like chisels were also found in the bed of the stream near the same spot, together with deer horns, relics of the times when ancient Britons, clad in skins, and armed with stone axes, hunted the red deer in the primeval forests of the county of Durham. Image modified for better presentation here - original.

I do show, however, the large thumbnail of it which appears on the Museum site.

And trust that the use of that thumbnail image on this non-profit & informational site is in order. Far more impressive than I can impart via this page.

Brian acquired both prints at a Newcastle upon Tyne auction in May 1974. Burnham, Gilder and Picture Frame Maker, of 1 Derwent Street, Stockton Road, Sunderland.

Now a work similar to the above is located in the Tyne and Wear Museums - indeed the image can be seen & enlarged in sections here at the Tyne and Wear Museums' Collection On Line.And then there would be multiple proofs, with the plate being cleaned, ink applied & an impression taken. A lengthy process I suspect & truly a labour of love. As may be seen, it was hewn out of an oak tree trunk ; it is upwards of 2,000 years old, and may even date back to the stone age.Who is to say that when Thomas Hemy worked on the area with the ships' masts at the extreme right of the image, he did not think that the masts looked better at an angle. There are many WWW sites which define what an 'etching' is, & should you have an interest in pursuing that matter you should best read them all. Somebody should start a little website about the artist whose works are most charming. It may, indeed, be claimed to be Sunderland's earliest boat, and the forerunner of the many noble vessels which have for centuries been launched on the Wear, and have made Sunderland's reputation as the largest shipbuilding town in the world."The details of its discovery are as follows :- It was discovered by Mr.Huge anchors with their chains lie in heaps on the quay, and the keel (barge) at the front of the picture is also filled with anchors.Smoking chimneys add a haze to the subdued evening light. Old Sunderland, Early Sunderland in words and images, The Sunderland Flying Boat.Only one of the two 'Wharmby' works (the other is here) is titled, specifically the image on this page.This is one of his most important pictures.' different, witness the angles of the ships' masts at the right edge of the images.So is the painting in the Museum truly the original? The ancient dugout canoe, which is on public display at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens. The canoe was discovered in 1888, along with some human remains it would seem, in the River Wear river bed a little downstream of Toby Gill.My inclination is that over time, this page or maybe in time many pages, will evolve into sections specifically directed a) to the shipbuilding history of Sunderland b) to the coal mining industry of the Sunderland area & c) to other areas of activity. I present the best versions of the images I can today. Of the Toll House of the 1796 Iron Bridge photographed in 1870. Such image, in sepia, can be seen here & can be see here in black & white, as modified by the webmaster.We now, in fact, have extensive data about shipbuilding, a few pages about the potteries. Before advancing to the images which follow, I should advise you of a WWW site that features 400 or so postcard images of Sunderland, the postcard collection, I learn, of former Sunderland Fire Officer Tom Marshall. If you have a better image of any item, do please consider providing it to the webmaster for inclusion here. Taken in the evening or early morning (length of shadows) & maybe on the north bank looking east? A few words in Chapter X of 'The Dress Lodger' by Sheri Holman refer to the tollhouse being rather on the south bank. A stunning image of the faces of the unemployed in 1908. A photograph of one of the onion sellers from France that sold their onions on the streets of Sunderland indeed on the streets of all the cities of England.

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