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Dating in sf vs nyc

“It’s a male-dominated climate they are in so they are often blind to how women operate.” Still, Benson said he did appreciate the effort these New York women put in. He admits he probably wouldn’t have done it if he was asked to go meet the women in New York.

Kay would like to make this SF/New York pilgrimage an annual thing anyway, though there’s no plans to ship any boys or girls to New York to do the same thing.

As for the women, they were handed travel kits full of lip balm, condoms and makeup remover, before taking off for their trip. Still, the complaints about the men here are multitudinous. You can get away with hooking up well into your 40s and a lot of guys don’t want to give that up,” according to Benson.

And while airfare was taken care of, they still had to pay for their own hotel and food. SF psychologist Christina Villarreal actually sees a lot of tech dudes in her practice.

When Tinder first launched in 2012, a beautiful green-eyed New Yorker who works in public relations flew out to California to stay with the company’s co-founder Sean Rad during a business trip for the dating app.

Apparently, Rad wanted a bit more pleasure with his business — as she learned after the fact.

That’s more of a generational thing, according to Villarreal.

It could also be that a lot of the guys in tech jobs are mostly socialized around other socially awkward men; which is why Villarreal ends up doing a lot of gender translation.“Unbeknownst to me, he lied about hooking up with me and made up an elaborate story, which he told to valuable business contacts of mine,” says the now-30-something, who had even sent Rad a gift basket filled with Momofuku baked goods as a thank-you for his hospitality.“Trust me, that’s the only way I thanked him,” she said.The very idea of it was appalling to many – an online dating site, the Dating Ring, was shipping women from New York City to date San Francisco tech dudes. And he says, after meeting the women who came all that way, he wasn’t that interested.At a strapping 6’4″, the 34-year-old Bay Area-based app developer who actually wants a relationship, is an on-paper catch.Yes, that means that Travis will be celibate on this trip.#CEOLife #FML.” So it’s no surprise that women are disenchanted with tech dudes.But out here, the threshold for that is crazy high,” says the NYC transplant, who works in finance.“They all have the dream that they will be the next founder of Warby Parker, and that keeps them thinking they shouldn’t make a commitment to anything so they can devote themselves to work.” The former New Yorker says her boyfriend of six months, with whom she recently traveled to South Africa, unceremoniously dumped her on the phone when he got a plum gig at a new startup in Austin, Texas.But long distance is not something I’d wanna do,” Benson says. Sometimes in our conversation he was looking for “the one” but then he’d say he was “just looking for fun right now.” And that’s what this event was for him. These ladies not only flew all the way across the country to meet him, but were rumored to be drop-dead gorgeous, highly educated and multi-talented. He pauses for a bit, not wanting to admit it and then says, “Well, there just wasn’t a spark.” According to Lauren Kay, founder of the Dating Ring, it was also pretty hard to even get the guys to commit to coming out and meeting up with these ladies.Benson says they made him give this iron-clad promise that he would definitely show up.

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