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The waters then enter about a mile stretch of rapids foaming wildly.

One gets the distinct impression that the falls were once here, and have eroded the ravine upstream for seven miles to reach their present location.

Indeed, the falls are eroding headward today, and if this present process continues, eventually the falls will near Lake Erie.

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4) Calculate how long it would take that process, operating at the observed rate (or some assumed variety of that rate), to produce the present state.

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For example, a tree is observed to contain 40 tree rings.These measurements have been kept since the mid 1800s and average about four-five feet per year.The observed distance from Queenston to the falls is some 35,000 feet (i.e., seven miles).A boat ride underneath the falls or a hike behind the falls leaves one speechless, and it's a good thing, for the impact of water on rock, multiplied in every direction, drowns out all human voices.A creationist advocate of the great Flood of Noah's day appreciates Niagara Falls for the catastrophic power of moving water on display.loving, caring, understanding wants to make her man happy, must be honest no secrets and completely faithful, sweet, affectionate, passionate and romantic, doesn't like to fight and argue. My true princess will be able to depend on me, enjoy true devotion, love, and support from one of the last "true and real" available. I see all the beautiful Mexican girls and it makes my heart ache. We know from observation that (normally) only one tree ring is added per year.Thus, it would take forty years for a tree with 40 tree rings to grow.For other features of unknown origin, the following method can be applied. 2) Measure the rate of a process shaping that feature in the present.3) Assume certain things about the unobserved past.

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