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Dating horsehair furniture

Cabinets were of wide variety and were decorated with elaborate carving, architectural features, and intarsia panels.

Baroque The substitution of bold-scale moldings, surfaces and shapes for excessive applied plastic ornament differentiates the Early Baroque of Holland from the Late Renaissance styles of Germany.

Light native woods, light birch, cherry, pear, apple, maple and ash were displayed to advantage, without other ornament, in commodes and chests, tables, large secretary-desks and cabinets.

This style is so dominantly middle class, so comfortably gauche that it took its name from the comic-paper character Papa Biedermeier, who expressed his simple political views in Fliegende Blatter.

The growing comfort and wealth of the mid-century period undermined this simplicity and brought various neo-Rococo and merely lavish picturesque effects.

The classic straight lines were more floridly ornamented.

David Roentgen’s semi-industrial workshop, the first of its kind, manufactured luxury furniture between 17, and was a unique phenomenon in Germany.

My wife and I bought this couch at an antique consignment shop and we are trying to get any information we can find on it, like type, style or period, whatever..of Victorian looking but I know ... I don't believe the fabric is original, but the legs are secured with wooden pegs and the carving is of an opened scalloped shell and two roses atop the crown. Hi there, I have a couch that was given to me by a friend(it was her grandmothers supposedly from around the 1920's) it is in rather a poor condition upholstery and spring wise, although all of the ... I have found several with the swan having a smaller neck. It has been painted, but underneath it appears to be walnut. I recently bought this couch on craigslist for a whopping $5!

although I am in no need for it anymore, I wanted to know if I should sell it or ... I would appreciate any help with dating his couch and or someone to point me in the direction of properly reupholstering. My family has been passing this couch around for years and years and it finally ended up with my for the last 20 yrs.The fabric is in terrible condition so my bestfriend and I are going to try our hands at reupholstering it. I have a maple arm and back couch with upholistered decking and mattress that is at least 80 years old.The weakening of the genuine feeling for style is evidenced by the acceleration of the changes in style, where everything seemed to come and go with individual whims.German Folk Styles As elsewhere in Europe, the fashionable styles in northern lands reflected only the tastes and symbols of the aristocratic class, although some of these styles filtered down through the classes and accommodated themselves to indigenous skills and tastes.There are 3 individual pillows that are approximately 24" square that lean on a maple support ...I just acquired a couch that has an am/fm radio built into the armrest. After 1580, richer plastic decoration, with a large vocabulary of ornaments, becomes the rule.Chairs were four-legged board types, folding chairs and, later, armchairs with square legs.After World War I, the movement toward functional form found its prophets in Germany, where the Bauhaus examined the reasons for design under the directions of Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe.Other powerful personalities, like Peter Behrens and Eric Mendelsohn, moved dynamically toward other objectives.

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