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Dating hebdomas pocket watch

The porcelain enamel dial features a 60 minute outer track border with silver points with ornate and original beautiful Louis XVI filigree hands.

This particular Hebdomas Multi colored dial, 8 day 8-jewel Pocket Watch is in exceptional condition for an estimate 100 year old pocket watch, with little noticeable marks, knocks or wear to hinges, the workmanship and display is a rare feature and should not disappoint.

The new collector to this Hebdomas 8 Jours will be proud knowing this watch will appreciate in value and is well sort. The cover is decorated with medals and signatures about the prestigious exhibitions where this admirable watch won. The beautiful unusual dial with an opening at the bottom of the dial has an exposed engraved bridge with balance and regulator that makes it possible to expose the balance wheel and pallet-fork.

Value will not be given over the phone, so don't ask.

Some of the pages will be able to provide additional information.

If there is neither a metal cover nor a crystal, then it's likely that something's missing.

Sometimes the bezel (the round metal ring that retains the crystal) is lost, which makes it impossible to replace the missing glass (see this article for more information on vintage pocket watch bezels).

What's important to know about antique American watches is that cases and movements were usually made by different companies.

There were watch manufacturers and there were case manufacturers.

American pocket watches used a system of (relatively) standard watch sizes, so it was possible for a customer to select the watch movement they wished to purchase, and then select a case to hold it.

Cases could be made of a wide variety of metals: gold, sterling silver, coin silver (made from melted US coinage), nickel, and plated brass. If there is a metal cover over the dial of the watch (it's called the "dial" not the "face") then it's a hunter-case watch.

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