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Dating guide man manhandling

Unless you have severely undervalued your hot property!

Reality Check: The smart Romantic Researcher always applies the seller's market theory to her relationships.

In days of yore, marriage was a looked upon as business contract between two families.This is like offering men an uncollateralized loan of your emotional capital.You agree to take yourself off the market for a man who's not ready to fully commit to you because you're either: a.) Having amazing sex with him, or b.) He mentioned that he wanted to get married "someday" when you both went hiking.The Secret Bargaining Power of Your Exclusivity Imagine you owned a lovely home on a piece of prime real estate.You watered the lawn, manicured the bushes, painted the interior, and put it up on the market.If this sounds familiar, you've probably fallen for (and into) the terrible time-wasting trap of Serial Monogamy. You voluntarily commit yourself to a string of relationships that fail to yield long-term commitment, marriage, or family.You unwisely agree to open-ended monogamy in the hopes that men will step up if you just love 'em enough.This is how we let men take minimum risks, while receiving maximum pleasure.If you keep winding up on your knees instead of the other way around, read on...When women don't speak up, they passively supply what men want, by default.So if you keep winding up on your knees instead of the other way around, you're probably using the outmoded On a Wing and a Prayer Man Plan: On a Wing and a Prayer Man Plan definition: v.

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