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Several definitions and terminology has been used in the literature to define IUGR, including but not limited to estimated fetal weight ].

Any insult occurring in the fetal growth period can result in fetal growth abnormalities.

The earlier the insult is, more likely it will affect the cellular hyperplasia stage of the fetal growth, thereby resulting in symmetrical reduction of the organ size and a symmetrical IUGR fetus.

The number needed to monitor such fetuses with Doppler ultrasound to prevent one fetal death is 203 with 95 % confidence interval (CI) of 103 to 4,352 [].

IUGR increases the risk for intrapartum asphyxia, preterm delivery, and risks associated with preterm delivery, including but not limited to respiratory distress syndrome, intraventricular hemorrhage, and necrotizing enterocolitis [].

The asymmetrical IUGR fetuses are noted to be at higher risk for major anomalies, low birth weight, perinatal mortality, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, preterm delivery, cesarean section, and overall poor outcomes, compared to symmetrical IUGR [].

Perinatal morbidity and mortality is significantly increased in the presence of birth weight less than 10th percentile.Other neonatal morbidities include polycythemia, hyperbilirubinemia, hypoglycemia, and hypothermia.Effects of IUGR often affect childhood and adult life, as well.The screening and diagnosis of IUGR or antenatal SGA involve accurate dating with an early ultrasound, preferably in the first trimester.Despite best dating estimate, prenatal detection and classification of IUGR and antenatal SGA is still poor.IUGR is a diagnosis commonly made antenatally; however, some of these fetuses, especially if unscreened during pregnancy, may be detected only in the newborn period.It is very important for obstetricians and perinatologists to recognize growth-restricted fetuses, because this fetal condition is associated with significant perinatal morbidity and mortality.Either You or We may terminate your membership by removing your profile, at any time, for any reason, with or without explanation, effective upon sending written or email notice to the other party.In the event that (a) You terminate your subscription or membership or (b) We determine, in our sole discretion, that You have violated this Agreement or our posted Privacy Policy, You shall not be entitled to, nor shall We be liable to You for, any refund of any unused portion of any subscription payments We have received from You, and We may continue to bar Your use of the Service in the future.In contrast, if the insult happens later in the gestation (after cell hyperplasia stage), the cell size will be affected, therefore resulting in asymmetrical IUGR [].The significance of the symmetrical and asymmetrical IUGR classification is unclear.

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